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You can call us a public relations agency, or a marketing support agency.  An extension of your marketing team; we love it when you say that. We are all that and more.

Not all boutique agencies are created the same.

Our specialisation is content and getting your messages out there. And rounding up like-minded partners for comprehensive integrated marketing campaigns.

We are interested to be a long term partner. It is really about what you need as a marketing leader, and how we can achieve your goals with you.

So, if you are looking to launch a communications campaign that will pack a punch,  call us for:

Media Relations

Corporate Communications

Marketing Communications

Events Management – Trade, Channel, Internal

Content Creation 

We are NO know-it-alls, but we certainly can show you the work we have done: press events, trade shows, in-house partner forums, e-DMs campaigns, newsletters, and collaterals. And we have tapped our partners for telemarketing, social media, SEO and social media buy to tactically name a few.  And we have been doing this since 2010. 

We work with established partners throughout Asia, you can choose to extend your reach across the region – from Singapore to Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong and India.

Size does matter, small is better.

established in 2010