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Public relations lay the foundation for a brand’s reputation and credibility. Companies engage a PR agency to carve out a positive reputation with the public by proactively telling their brand stories and having conversations with their audience through various communication channels. As an integrated PR and marketing agency based in Singapore, our corporate (B2B) and consumer (B2C) clients count on us to align their PR and marketing goals for business success.

Our B2B clients are leaders in their respective fields including enterprise technology, fintech, healthcare and insurance. They call on  us to enhance market visibility, establish a regional presence and enhance their credibility with an engineered mix of PR tactics for the most effective results. From writing press releases, securing media interviews and executing press conferences to crafting thought leadership articles and jacking time sensitive trends, our agency ensures that your messages hit home to the right audience in Singapore and Asia Pacific.

For our B2C clients, a successful PR campaign always entails  creating an experience that connects with target audiences to generate excitement. From international names in beauty and fashion to clients in food and beverage, and travel and tourism, we have fore-fronted PR campaigns at our agency, to elevate brand images and drive demand in Singapore and across the region. We generate unending conversations on traditional and social channels, by interweaving bespoke public relations, appealing social media content and influencer marketing with creative experiential events.


McGagh Communications, your one-stop PR agency partner in Singapore and the region

Digital platforms have introduced new ways to communicate with audiences, and brands need to effectively translate their messages across multiple media channels including broadcast, online, print, social media and more. An effective public relations agency thrives in the fast-paced modern-day PR environment and is trend-focused to help clients stay ahead of the curve. We are all that, and more. 

At McGagh Communications, our public relations team takes the time to understand your needs and the values of your target audience  to build a PR strategy with the best tactics to capture eyeballs for your brand in Asia Pacific with Singapore as the regional hub. Whether you are a B2B or B2C client,  speak with our PR agency team to expand your brand’s reach in Singapore and beyond.

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