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good brands great

Events management | Product launches | Media engagement | Social media marketing

The difference between a good and great product,

is how much everybody wants it.

McGagh Communications is a Singapore-based public relations and marketing partner that strives to get great brands to where they need to be across diverse Asia Pacific markets.

In today’s crowded media landscape, cacophony of stories and visual fatigue, we take time to understand the values of your customers, connect you to them and create fans across multiple platforms all whilst keeping your brand narrative at heart at all times.

Cut to the chase, we are single-mindedly focused on creating demand amongst your audience and deriving maximum value for your campaign investment.

Blending bespoke public relations, in-depth social media content and influencer marketing online, with creative experiential events, we stand behind our beliefs that the greatest hits are never by accident, but by calculated design and sophisticated taste.

What we offer

Media Engagement

Cut through the clutter with tailored content to maximise ROI for eyeballs and clicks.

Events management & Product launches

Create unforgettable experiences and bring brilliant concepts to life at every customer touchpoint.

Social Media Marketing

Tell stories that matter. Whisk creative visuals with strategic keywords and novel catchphrases, drive influence with the voice of key opinion leaders.

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McGagh Communications

60 Paya Lebar Road #12-19
Paya Lebar Square
Singapore 409051

 Phone: (65) 6570 9139

 Email: hello@mcgaghcomms.com

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