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Companies must understand the increasing significance of social media and its role in changing consumer tastes and preferences. With social media’s widespread influence, especially with each emerging, younger generation of audience, it is imperative for companies to address social media as part of their PR campaign. New possibilities must be embraced in addition to the adoption of traditional media to capture the attention and expand the reach of your target audience. While many brands turn to paid social media campaigns, earned media garnered through organic social media marketing always has an upper hand due to its engagement levels and reach that are not affected by ad blindness. At our PR agency, we strive to create successful social media campaigns that fully encapsulate your brand narrative, and at the same time capture the attention of your audiences.


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At McGagh Communications, you can rely on our PR expertise to provide you with the best strategies in media content development and social media marketing. At our agency, we understand and acknowledge that strategies for social media marketing will differ for a B2B and B2C company. Regardless of the product, service, or industry, our social media marketing team will generate posts and drive ROI. We believe brands should leverage on social media promotion and strategies to develop an online presence and grow an online community. To maximise any digital marketing strategy, our specialists develop compelling stories that not only resonate and appeal to consumers but drive key brand messages.

At McGagh Communications, our PR and social media strategies will drive business and reach with the help of key opinion leaders. Our agency works closely with clients to select and pitch to key opinion leaders who are best suited to raise top-of-mind awareness of their brand. With targeted media and influencer marketing campaigns and partnerships, our goal is to optimise emotional driven purchases.

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The interaction established through brand engagement on social media builds rapport and relationships unlike any other forms of media today. Reach out to us to take the first step into social media marketing to launch impactful campaigns that drive influence and stand out. For more information on our PR and social media marketing and management strategies, contact our agency, or drop us an email at hello@mcgaghcomms.com.

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