Strategic communications for B2B and B2C brands, your partner agency in Singapore and Asia Pacific

Every strategic communications strategy created by our agency in Singapore is designed to articulate our clients’ goals and achieve measurable outcomes – from brand launches to a sustained long term programme or to being positioned as industry leaders. Over the decade, brands have come to rely on us, a truly engaged integrated communications agency that understands how to implement the best strategies for their business models in Singapore and across Asia Pacific. Many of our clients have retained the agency to work with us on a long term basis. 

For B2B companies, a successful communications strategy entails understanding the key objectives and environmental factors that may govern the directions of corporate decision-makers and executives and articulating them in a timely manner to their stakeholders.  

For lifestyle brands, success could mean cutting through the clutter to generate buzz and awareness amongst other brands. To stand out, brands must stay abreast with the latest trends, and understand the best channels to get their messages across and create impressions that last.

McGagh Communications, your partner agency in Singapore that answers to your communication needs

McGagh Communications is a PR and marketing communications agency based in Singapore. An extension to your team, we work cohesively with clients to create communications strategies tailored to your business objectives. McGagh Communications has a proven track-record in generating high ROI for our clients’ communications campaigns across various industries in Singapore and Asia Pacific that include:

  • B2B: Enterprise technology, fintech, healthcare, insurance
  • B2C: Beauty, consumer technology, fashion, food, travel, and tourism

As an integrated communications agency based in Singapore, our clients have fortified their brand’s presence locally and in the region, and gained top-of-mindedness from their target audience. Discover your brand’s potential and grow your business with a comprehensive communications strategy. 

Develop a communications strategy with our agency to increase your business opportunities in Singapore and beyond. Contact us, or drop us an email at

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